I'm Nuange (any pronouns) I live in France and I'm 18! I'm passionate about writing, reading, web design, drawing, painting, beads, stars and playing guitar. I'm a pretty nice person who gets along easily with everyone. I'm quite shy and don't talk much, but when I'm comfortable with someone I'm very talkative.
I am generous, patient and caring but I'm stubborn, slow and quiet. I like being alone, reading (especially about stars!), walking in the forest, I love my girlfriend, I love Studio Ghibli and I am *obssessed* with stars!!! I LOVE stars! I stargaze and learn about astronomia all the time ^__^
Sometimes I can look cold and expressionless but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy your company.
I love practicing guitar for hours and working for hours on this site. I have a hard time understanding humor (but I'm getting better!).
I hope the person reading this will have a wonderful day, thanks for reading!

Random facts about me

I have autism
I'm very awkward
I'm struggling with mental illness
I love astronomia
I'm a bookworm
I love stargazing
I have a wonderful girlfriend
I have a precious doll named Lilico that I bring everywhere with me
I'm a vegetarian
I am thalassophobic
I love learning names of constellations
When I was young I wanted to be a cowboy
My favorite colors are purple and green
I'm recovering
I have an obsession for stars
I play guitar
I'm afraid of bridges
I am... Very... Slow...
I'm from another planet
I wish I was a duck