Diagnosed with autism

I was diagnosed with autism at 16.
So it happened pretty quickly. I moved, so when I arrived in my new city I needed a new psychiatrist. When my mother found one, we went to the meeting. I came into the room, with my mother, and he asked me a few questions. Then after a few minutes, it was very quick, he said to me "Oh, you may be autistic.". Then I filled out a form, did some tests, and it turns out that yes, I have autism!
When he told me about it, I had NO idea what autism was. I had always heard it as an insult without knowing what it was. Now, I am very well informed on the subject and I know very well what autism is. So, I'm writing an article on it as few people know what autism is.

What is autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disability. This disability can impact someone's skills in communication, social relations, management of emotions... The main characteristics are repetitive behaviors and problems in verbal and non-verbal communication.
It can involve any of these symptoms: All people with autism are different. Just because someone has autism doesn't mean they have ALL of the symptoms.
Autism is not curable. We don't want a cure! We just want to be accepted!

Random facts about autism

Famous autistic people

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An advice

If I can give you any advice, it's to adapt to your environment. Don't overload yourself, you are different, your brain processes sound, lights, movement differently and you get tired much faster than others. Buy noise-canceling headphones, if you can't afford them, use headphones without using music. You can sleep with earplugs at night if you are disturbed by noise and a mask if you are disturbed by lights. There are plenty of solutions. Be kind and patient with yourself. It's normal if you have difficulty doing a lot of things. You're not stupid, just different.