My dreams

03/11/21: I visited my father in the hospital, but he didn't recognize me. My heart ached.

24/10/21: We are in a train. There is my mother. I tell her something, she doesn't believe me. So I cry and scream. I don't understand why she never believes me. She cries and screams too. I lock myself somewhere and cut my veins. I die.

23/10/21: I was coding a site on a public computer. There were a lot of computer windows as decoration in it. I'm making a movie. I put it in my site and show it to two people, they seem to like it. It's about addiction, drugs, depression and abuse. I have to do a play and play a doll, but I chose the same one as someone else so I skip it. I get on a magic bus, which takes me to a kingdom with lots and lots of wind. I'm with two men, one of them a pedophile. The floor is made of letters and numbers. I have to pick the number zero to be the the closest to the most powerful person in this world, that's what the pedophile tries too. I write someone's name with the letters. I almost fall into the void.

16/10/21: The first dream was about large buildings but forgot it. I was at a sport tournament. We had to do an IQ test to enter. Everyone was mocking my 502 QI. The room is huge, there are many people. I cry, there is my psychologist. She scolds me. She calls someone to calm me down. This person hits me. I'm afraid my psychologist will leave. She cuts her throat in front of me.

15/10/21: A body was hanging from the ceiling. In the same room, a woman full of dripping blood. I look at her. I am afraid. She approaches me. Blood is spurting. I run. I realize that I am the body hanging.

14/10/21: A teacher projected my computer screen on the board. There was my Spotify playlist about clowns and my many tabs. Everyone laughed at that playlist.

10/10/21: My whole family is angry with me. My grandmother hides me. My house is a little place in the clouds. I fall. There is a lipstick that falls out of my pocket. It stains my legs. My mother yells at me for hiding it. I keep walking in the blue of the clouds.

08/10/21: Forgot everything except the fact that someone was holding a very long bottle of orange juice.

05/10/21: Everything about that dream was purple. I was in front of my class, with my english teacher and some students. A girl fell asleep on me. The teacher found it cute. I cry. There's an inondation. It rains a lot.

08/09/21: It's my birthday. I have to fill as many people as I can in my car. First, I go around the place. A flea is struggling to lift a cake. I come to help her. I celebrate her birthday and mine with her family. When I talk, the floor vibrates and they get hurt so I don't talk.
I have a judo fight so I bring a knife. My partner doesn't react. I notice that no one around me has a knife, so I put it on the floor, reminding myself that a judo fight is not fought with a knife. I ask my math teacher several questions for the purpose of an investigation.

15/02/20: My father yells at me. I cry. I got on the wrong streetcar. With me, there are people dressed as cheese. I am on a pornographic film set. I climb on the railroad tracks. I am lost. A streetcar passes. A train brushes past me. A lady sees me and gives me a canteen tray to walk on. I climb. My father is no longer there.