Welcome to Bye Bye Butterfly!!! ( ╹▽╹ )
Whether you live in Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, Morocco or Finland, you can always come here, because this site is a small part of the internet. It's magic, isn't it, the internet? A huge world, where everyone is anonymous, with millions of pages to create, to pour all your creativity, to share your music, your passions, your readings, your favorite things...
I love the internet. But I don't like social networks.
It used to be cool. You could customize your page with some weird HTML. Now, the only unique thing you can add to your profile is a profile picture, a bio, and sometimes a banner. It's become lame. Especially Twitter. It's become a place that's as toxic as Chernobyl.
I'm disappointed in what the internet has become. A place where harassment has become normal. Where all the sites look the same and have no creativity. A menu at the top, some pictures in the middle, a little text at the bottom... It's all the same.
When I discovered Neocities, I was amazed. It's as if I had jumped in time. As if we were back in 2005.
So I did my best to contribute, and create a website that looks like me.
Have fun exploring my site, it's under construction, it's not perfect, it's a bit messy, but it was lovingly coded on Notepad.
"So, Nuange, what's on this site? Why should I explore it?" you might ask.
I wrote articles, about things I like or that interest me. Or about things that deserve to have more visibility. I gave my (useless) opinion on books I love. Reading is a passion of mine, I love it. I had fun with Javascript. I dedicated a page to my imaginary world, which is called Shnizkeria. I used to take refuge in this world when I was little and suffering. I've collected a lot of sites that I like. Resources. Then I made a lot of pages about me and the things I love. I really enjoyed doing this, because I've always been an invisible person, and making myself alive made me smile. Anyway, there are a lot of pages that I worked on for hours. There's a lot to explore. Have fun in my world. There will be lots of plants, ghosts, clowns on your way!!!

— Nuange

PS: I'm sorry for my grammar mistakes my english isn't perfect...