About me

Call me: Nuange
Age: 17
Pronouns: She/him
Zodiac: Aries


Hello, hello! How to introduce myself... I usually have a hard time introducing myself, because I simply have no idea of who I am. I'm struggling to define myself as a human being and giving myself adjectives.
I am generally a patient, slow and sarcastic person. People often say that I am stubborn. I love to respect schedules. I enjoy repetition, I could live the same day for twenty years, I think. I am nostalgic. I'm always watching an old movie or playing with dolls like a stupid kid.
I love reading! It's something that helps me cope with a lot of things. I read all the time, it sadly often give a rather cold and pretentious image of me...


  • Psychology
  • Astronomy
  • Mushrooms
  • Video games
  • Art
  • Movies
  • The old web
  • Music
  • Languages
  • Theatre
  • Winter
  • Scarfs
  • My bed
  • Books
  • Lipstick
  • Snails
  • Green
  • Broccolis
  • Computers
  • Thunderstorms
  • Genuine people
  • Capitalism
  • Cancel culture
  • Summer
  • Sunshine
  • Time
  • Meat
  • Blue
  • Cars
  • Sport
  • Dirty glasses
  • Lies

favorite colors

random facts

⋆ I have a green belt in judo
⋆ I'm autistic, I have Asperger's syndrome
⋆ I'm obssessed with plushies, I collect them
⋆ I have a lot of obssessions...
⋆ I'm so awkward
⋆ I'm struggling with hallucinations and other mental illness
⋆ I don't like red and blue
⋆ I'm indecisive
⋆ When I was 9 I wanted to be a boy
⋆ I have a precious doll named Lilico that I bring everywhere with me
⋆ I love bugs
⋆ My dream is to learn how to play and own a guitar
⋆ I'm effraid of dogs
⋆ I'm a vegetarian
⋆ I love metal and classic music
⋆ I wear a lot of bracelets, necklaces and rings that I did by myself
⋆ I love mushrooms
⋆ I wish I was Alice in wonderland
⋆ When I was young I wanted to be a cowboy
⋆ My favorite color is green
⋆ I'm recovering
⋆ I always smile to people
⋆ I love bows... I put bows everywhere...
⋆ I collect boxes, pencil cases, bracelets, plushies, snow globes, figurines, books, rocks, paper clips, feathers...
⋆ I love to paint boxes
⋆ I customize everything I own
⋆ I NEVER throw away gifts

where to find me

Wanna interact with me? Here's some way to contact me! I hate social media. I am often very inactive on it.

Discord: Nuange#2006

digital pets

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!