Do I even exist

Zodiac: Aries
Age range: Minor
Favorite colors: Green, pink, yellow
Favorite animal: I like bugs!
Favorite thing: Rain!!!
Gender: Female
I'm very slow. I might be a snail
Books, books, books
I live in France
My birthday is march 24
I'm a cinephile
When I was a kid I thought I was a witch

Hello ! How can I introduce myself? I don't like to introduce myself. I think I only made this page to remind myself that I exist.
I am a high school student who spends all her time reading and coding. My main interests are literature, webdesign, video games, poetry, philosophy, painting, stuffed animals, music and movies.
I am a very nostalgic person and enjoy drowning in my childhood stuff and replaying things over and over for years.
I am chaotic. Unpredictable. I might look calm, but my mind is a hurricane.
I like to stay at home for months without going out as much as I like to travel all the time.
I love learning languages! I am currently learning Russian. I live in my head and am completely disconnected from reality. I feel like I'm a different person every day. Where is my mind?