How to play music on Neocities?

When I created my Neocities, I was confronted to a problem: playing music on my site.
As you know, if you are not a supporter, you can't upload MP3 files. So the solution seems obvious: host an MP3 file on the internet so that it has an address to refer to as "". It is however more difficult than you might think, I've been browsing for several hours without finding a single host that provides this kind of link or with the link easily guessed. I finally found it! I will share my solution with you.

i. Download

First, it's very simple, download the music you want to use.

 YouTube MP3 Converter

ii. Upload and link


Upload your music and you'll get a link like this:

iii. Code

<audio autoplay loop> <source src="yourlink" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio> Copy and paste this into the page where you want the music! Here you go! I hope this might help someone.