Web decoration

 Glitter Graphics
Some glitery old web graphics! Super nostalgic.

 Gif Cities
Just gifs everywhere...

 Free blinkies
Blinkies! Blinkies!

 Pixel background dumb
Very huge huge collection of cute backgrounds

 Transparent Textures
Transparent textures for backgrounds
Animate your text

 Seamless patterns on Tumblr
If you can't figure out the keywords

 Seamless patterns
For nice backgrounds

 p i x e l s
Collection of cute pixels

Retro icons

 Cute materials
Huge collection of cute pixels and materials

Help I suck at HTML

Nice tutorials

Free amazing layouts (don't remove credit, that's not cool!)

For your site

Nice chatbox


Older guestbook

Adopt a virtual pet

Random nice stuff

 Atom Smasher
Error message generator