Welcome to Shnizkeria! Welcome to my imagination (or reality). Shnizkeria is a huge green planet.
In Shnizkeria there is a kingdom, with a narcissistic queen and an erotomaniac queen. The two queens have not been in love for a long time. Here, there are no real rules. Everyone tries to survive, or to fill the graveyard of emotions. The sky is green. The spiders are anthropomorphic. Cats are grinning. Rabbits are running after Time. Time, everyone is angry with him. It's weird, because Time is often your best friend. Thanks to him, you can overcome anything.

In Shnizkeria there are many monsters, many ghosts, many deformed creatures. On your journey, you will surely wonder if they exist. Phantasmagoria, reality or hallucinations? Nobody knows, dear.
This is the secret of Shnizkeria.

Nemi: Erotomaniac queen

Pronouns: She/her
Home: Castle of Shnizkeria (right side)
Story: Nemi is the queen of Shnizkeria, she resides in the castle on the right side of Shnizkeria, the yellow side. Here, all the shapes are circular, all the houses and all the windows. She rules over this part of Shnizkeria since she had a fight with her beloved Zemia. They have been feuding for 200 millennia now.

Temi: Narcissistic queen

Pronouns: She/her
Home: Castle of Shnizkeria (left side)
Story: Temi is the queen of Shnizkeria, she resides in the castle on the left side of Shnizkeria, the pink side. Here, all shapes are rectangular, all houses and windows. She is a completely narcissistic queen. She thinks that everyone adores her, when in fact she is miserable.

Memu: Wise cat

Pronouns: She/her
Home: Forest of shadows
Story: Memu is the guardian of the forest of shadows. She resides there and helps the souls lost in the forest. She shows no emotions, no one knows what she feels. She advises lost people to find the castle of Shnizkeria.

Emi: Sarcastic witch

Pronouns: She/her
Home: Forest of shadows
Story: Emi is a very funny and sarcastic witch. Despite her mean appearance, she is very sweet and loving. She looks after the sick animals in the forest. She is friends with Nemu.

Lilith: Thousand whispers girl

Pronouns: She/her
Home: Forest of shadows
Story: Lilith is too busy with her hallucinations to have time to talk to you. She is confused and empty.

Grise: Sleepy mouse

Pronouns: They/them
Home: Forets of shadows
Story: Grise is a mouse hiding in the forest of shadows. She is a very big mouse, she is the size of humans! She likes to sleep, her teddy bear, and sleep again... She thinks she is a bear, because she has no mirror. One day someone should tell her that she is a mouse... The mouse was discovered by Emi, a witch who takes care of the forest. She was careful not to wake them up but went to the kingdom to report the discovery. Since then, every winter, the inhabitants of Shnizkeria bring honey to the mouse who thinks they're a bear.

Effie: Unfunny clown

Pronouns: She/her
Home: Unhappy Marquee
Story: Effie is a naive and candid clown. She loves to make people laugh and to bring out pretty smiles around her. She thought she would make people around her laugh. But what she didn't know was that no one was laughing with her, everyone was laughing at her. One day, she realized this, and she was never seen smiling again. She still wears her clown outfit, but has become dark and gloomy. She wears a frown every day, looking disappointed, hurt, broken. For a long and sad eternity.