Welcome to Shnizkeria! Welcome to my imagination (or reality). Shnizkeria is a green planet, huge, but very sparsely populated. Next to it, its neighbors, Phytopia and Nekmi.
It is a kingdom, with a narcissistic queen and an erotomaniac queen. The two queens have not been in love for a long time. Here, there are no real rules. Everyone tries to survive, or to fill the graveyard of emotions. The sky is green. The spiders are anthropomorphic. Cats are grinning. Rabbits are running after Time. Time, everyone is angry with him. It's weird, because Time is often your best friend. Thanks to him, you can overcome anything.

In Shnizkeria there are many monsters, many ghosts, many deformed creatures. On your journey, you will surely wonder if they exist. Phantasmagoria, reality or hallucinations? Nobody knows, my dear.
This is the secret of Shnizkeria.

People of Shnizkeria