13/10/22: I turned everything purple. Welcome to my library ^_^

02/10/22: Revamped the whole layout! Welcome to Nuange's Greenhouse!

06/08/22: Removed the name "asperger" everywhere. Didn't know it has nazi roots. Also updated "Shnizkeria" page. Added some pictures!

16/07/22: Updated the whole layout!!

10/07/22: Updated my posts and shrines. I'm thinking of redesigning the layout... I want to add fairies and witches...

19/04/22: Added a new page "beads"!

18/04/22: Redesigned the layout, fixed imperfections, updated "cool sites" page.

11/04/22: Music is back!

10/04/22: Added some animation!

26/10/21: Did a shrine for Alan Turing because I was watching the movie The Imitation Game... It's a great movie even though it's full of flaws! Whatever, you should check that out!! He's very inspiring!

25/10/21: Boo... It's the spooky month!! Decorated for Halloween!

24/10/21: Updated about me page. I should do something for Halloween...

21/10/21: Too lazy to upload everything so I'll do it slowly but updated the gallery. I hope you guys are doing well! I'm happy and grateful for all the attention this site got recently!

16/10/21: Hey I coded a television!!!

10/10/21: Many minor changes!

03/10/21: AAA I designed a layout! It's my first time trying a layout by myself! It looks pretty good? Welcome to the world of Shnkizkeria!! + You can check out in my articles section a little tutorial to play music on your Neocities if you can't figure it out!

02/10/21: Came back to green. I think green fits me more.

01/10/21: New theme! Welcome to my brown comfy room. I need to find a solution for my terrible indecisive mind.

29/09/21: I'm pulling out my hair. I might take a break from HTML and go back to programming my video game. I should do an update log about the game!

26/09/21: I changed the theme and colors at least five times today. I'm so indecisive. I like the green/pink comfy atmosphere BUT I crave tons of other themes too AAAAAAA I get bored so easily. Also say hi to the ghost mouse. His name is Bee. Say hi to Bee.

25/09/21: Check out "nostalgia" and "resources"! Also shared my russian journey that you can check in the articles section!

22/09/21: Improved menu again.

12/09/21: Update log is back!! The new layout is done! Not very original, but I don't care I like it.